Postcards From The County released free online

Posted by: on June 5, 2014 is where to find info and free streaming/downloading of the album Postcards From The County recorded entirely in prison. Inmates are donating the music anonymously to support restorative justice and local charities.

I will be playing some supporting events, including June 14 at The Blacksheep Inn, Wakfield QC with Awna Texeira and Luther Wright and June 23 at The Screening Room, Kingston ON

June 21 you can find me hosting David Corley in the Piano Room at The General Wolfe Hotel, Wolfe Island ON

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  1. Hi Chris

    I was so excited to hear your interview played last Sunday on CBC’s Fresh Air. I waited with great expectations for my good friend to call me so I could tell him I had heard all about the making of Postcards from the County.

    Well done and Kudos to you for recognizing that music is an amazing healer. Fortunately there have been the changes in the Chaplaincy and allowing programs such as yours to take place.

    I have a very dear friend who is currently a resident and a member of the choir. As you said in your interview, some people are incarcerated for acts (in my words) of stupidity. We made sure Victor had his guitar with him as it would be the main tool in helping him survive the impact of his not so wonderful experiences there as he is a very good poet and has spent countless hours putting his lyrics to music.

    Victor and I have been “art partners” for many years and we have converted the proceeds of our talents to donations to start a Youth House in San Salvador. The Youth House, known as Cal Pipil was started to keep the youth off the streets and introducing them to the Arts. Victor was instrumental in going to ES to help the Church set up the program.

    We set up a little blog:

    We are planning the difficult challenges of re-integration in the not too distant future and keeping a focus on the “Arts” seems the route to take and we would love the opportunity to meet with you for advice and guidance on doing some recordings. You might let me know what your thoughts are on this when you have a free moment.

    Penny Globe

    • chrisb says:

      Hi Penny- embarrassing to say I just am getting round to really using my webpage actively, and am responding to your lovely note from last year. I know I have spoken to Victor when we were working about his efforts and intentions, but I wanted to check in and wish you both the best on your journey. I love the focus of your efforts. Victor is tremendously talented and I trust his music will be a help in carrying him through changes, as well as providing light for others. Postcards has been playing and working all around the world, and I am speaking regularly with folks on how to grow and or emulate the project far and wide.
      Wishing you the best for fall. If you keep in touch here, I intend to use this form much leading up to the release of my next album…